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Do you need to conduct VOI Remotely? IDyou is the only VOI app in Australia that has inbuilt video call functionality to support the remote verification of identity and designed specifically for the mortgage broker. IDyou allows you to perform VOI remotely from any location. When it’s not possible to meet in-person with your client, IDyou’s remote option allows you to verify your client face-to-face via video.

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VOI: A Selfie for your clients? MSA Launch VOI App.

Imagine having the ability to verify your client’s identity using the convenience of your mobile device. With MSA’s IDyou, this is now a reality. IDyou’s intuitive technology provides a faster and more personal verification of identity process that enables you to focus on your client.

In-Person VOI

Remote VOI

What brokers are saying about IDyou

With IDyou I was amazed at the simplicity, clarity and the usefulness of this app. It's great to see technology that is helpful and useful and in this ever-changing world we really do need to embrace this digital future.
- Laurie Parkes - CBA Diamond Broker, FrontRunner Finance Solutions
“IDyou is a real enabler for our brokers, particularly in regional areas.”
- Rob Ryan, Head of NSW/ACT & QLD, FAST
“I’ve been using IDyou for some of my interstate clients and “wow” what a difference this system makes to the identification process. No more jumping on planes or driving for hours. IDyou is so simple to use, and so thorough in its workings. Wish it would have been around 10 years ago.”
– Rocky Warren, The Sydney Home Loan Centre
“IDyou is so easy to use and my clients love it. The remote VOI feature is exactly what the lending industry needs right now!”
– Brenden Lowbridge, Investor Loans Network. Winner of the Best Regional Broker Award, 2017
“As a mortgage broker, IDyou has saved me and my clients considerable time and effort when doing business interstate. The process is quick and easy for both parties and I can rest assured that my file is compliant.”
– Nick Chester, Ethical Homeloans

IDyouMSA Launches ‘best in market’ VOI App
Secure – Simple to Use – ISO27001 Certification.

MSA National has become the first Australian law firm to launch a verification of identity mobile phone App that simplifies the VOI process for lenders, brokers and loan writers.  Taking reasonable steps when it comes to the verification of such transacting parties is a critical step in reducing identify fraud and threat and one which MSA National is taking very seriously.

Aptly named “IDyou” the App puts the verification of identity experience in the palm of your hands. “Copying and scanning is eliminated and amongst many other features, you have the ability to use your iPhone or Android to take photos, upload identification documents and submit to any lender, on a secure web platform, all in a matter of minutes.” Says CEO, Ayhan Baba.

“MSA launched the product for its own internal use for customers collecting home loan documents and title deeds from our office. The mobile App was so popular that we decided to share it with all our lending partners and their mortgage brokers. “Stamping out identity theft and giving our clients the tools to guard against this is something MSA are very passionate about. We are here to help our clients work through these processes and help mitigate risk.”

Why use IDyou?

Comply with legislation
Legislation now requires brokers & lenders to take reasonable steps to verify the identity of a borrower.

Government legislation around conveyancing is changing to ensure that brokers and lenders conduct due diligence to identify their customers. MSA’s IDyou fully supports the effort to keep fraud and identity theft at bay and helps you remain compliant with VOI standards across Australia. If you want to help in the reduction of land title fraud, strengthen security, lay the foundation for eConveyancing and align yourself with IDyou – then look no further.

MSA: Leading Service Provider

  • Industry and technology leader – we have over 26 years of experience in the legal and conveyancing industry. Our number one priority is enriching customer experience and our success is clear through our growth.
  • Custom-built – we pride ourselves on being the first law firm to provide a VOI application. We’ve listened to you and understood your needs and that’s why we’ve designed IDyou to create a faster, friendlier and more secure VOI process.
  • Security – we understand how important it is to keep your client’s information secure and we take that responsibility very seriously. IDyou has a number of security measures in place to ensure protection of VOI data.

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