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Designed for finance and real estate professionals

IDyou is Australia’s first digital application that simplifies the VOI process for finance and real estate professionals.

IDyou remotely verifies the identity of your customers for real estate and mortgage transactions while satisfying VOI regulations.

With IDyou’s remote option, you can also verify your customer’s identity via video call, using either your desktop, mobile or tablet.

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Why use IDyou?

Compliant with legislation
Remote verification option
Reduces identity fraud

As in-person meetings become less and less desirable, IDyou takes the stress and time out of completing your next VOI.

IDyou allows you to:

  • Conduct video call interviews with the customers.
  • View and store copies of current original identification documents.
  • Confirm your customer bears a reasonable likeness to the photos in their identification documents.

IDyou supports the effort to keep fraud and identity theft at bay and is compliant with VOI standards across the whole of Australia.

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Compliant with legislation
Remote verification option
Reduces identity fraud

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What our clients are saying

Nick Chester
Ethical Homeloans
“As a mortgage broker, IDyou has saved me and my clients considerable time and effort when doing business interstate. The process is quick and easy for both parties and I can rest assured that my file is compliant.”
Rocky Warren
The Sydney Home Loan Centre
“I’ve been using IDyou for some of my interstate clients and “wow” what a difference this system makes to the identification process. No more jumping on planes or driving for hours. IDyou is so simple to use, and so thorough in its workings. Wish it would have been around 10 years ago.”
Laurie Parkes
FrontRunner Finance Solutions
“With IDyou I was amazed at the simplicity, clarity and the usefulness of this app. It's great to see technology that is helpful and useful and in this ever-changing world we really do need to embrace this digital future.”

MSA National

With over 30 years of experience in the legal and conveyancing industry; our number one priority is enriching your customer experience through digital tools.
We pride ourselves on being the first law firm to provide a VOI application to the mortgage and real estate industry. We’ve listened to you and understood your needs and that’s why we’ve designed IDyou to create a faster, friendlier and more secure VOI process.
We understand the importance of keeping your customer’s information secure and we take that responsibility very seriously. During the development of IDyou, we have executed several security measures to ensure the protection of all data.
The cost of IDyou is free when a loan is originated through a participating lender because the fee is covered by the lender.

Otherwise the cost is $10 for all other Non Approved lenders or other Business use (Where IDYOU may be used by user in non finance/lender related industry e.g Accountants/Lawyers/ other business services)

A list of participating lenders can be found here

We also offer a 2 month free trial for new lenders or for other non-lending related uses.

If you are interested in becoming an approved lender or business please contact

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