The IDyou App has now been replaced by IDyou 2.0. While the IDyou phone App version is currently still available to use, we encourage you to start using IDyou 2.0 and experience all of the benefits. Should you require any support for the mobile app please refer to the tutorial material on the below website or contact the support team on

Why we’ve changed IDyou

IDyou app provided you with the ability to verify your customer’s identity using the convenience of your mobile device.

Now, after four years and with more than 20,000 users nationally, we thought it was time to make your life even easier and your customer’s experience even better.

That’s why we have launched IDyou 2.0; a web-app that allows you to conduct in-person and remote VOIs from any device.

IDyou web-app promises to deliver you an even simpler and faster VOI experience, thanks to its range of new features.
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How do I change to the latest version of IDyou?
To access the new IDyou web-app, simply visit
How do I log into the IDyou web-app?

When it comes to logging into the IDyou web-app, simply use your current IDyou username and password.

Otherwise, if you need to set up an IDyou account, click here.
Can I continue using the IDyou app?

The IDyou mobile app will be disabled in three months. It is important you bookmark and saves the new IDyou web-app to your browser for easy access.

If you wish to add IDyou web-app to your device’s home screen, press settings and select Add To Home Screen – this will give you easy access to IDyou.
Can I still access past VOI reports on the new version of IDyou?

Yes – when you log into IDyou web-app you will have access to all of your past COMPLETED VOI reports.

If you currently have a VOI report that is a Work In Progress, make sure you complete it on your mobile app before transitioning over to the web-version of IDyou.