What forms of ID are required to complete a VOI?

IDyou has built-in workflows that follow the ARNECC rules for VOI which is published in the Model Participation Rules.

These workflows will guide you through the required IDs needed to meet the regulation.

For more information, click here and navigate to see the table on page 53.
Which lenders accept Remote IDyou?

All lenders who accept IDyou also accept Remote IDyou.

Click here for a full list of lenders accepting Remote IDyou.

If your preferred lender is not listed within the list, select Other, and email MSA directly at idyousupport@msanational.com.au.

Our team will then investigate the matter for you.
How much does IDyou cost?

The cost of IDyou is free when a loan is originated through a participating lender because the fee is covered by the lender.

Otherwise the cost is $10.

For a list for the participating lenders can be found here
Do I have to be a MSA client to use IDyou?

No, you do not have to be a client of MSA National to use IDyou.

If you are a broker/banker/loan writer, you can use IDyou to conduct VOI for most lenders, irrespective of whether or not MSA is the lenders panel solicitor.

If you are a lender and want to make IDyou available to your loan writers, please contact MSA National on 02 8719 4000.
What devices does IDyou work on?
IDyou operates on all internet-connected devices, including all laptops, desktops, mobiles and tablets.
Is IDyou available in all states?
Yes, IDyou is available nationally.

Using IDyou

How can I log onto IDyou?
Simply visit idyou.msanational.com.au.
How does the customer to be verified obtain a login?

After you have completed the customer’s profile, IDyou will give you the option to send an email to your customer being verified. The email received by the customer contains a link the IDyou web-app.

Refer to Remote User Guide.
What if my customer can’t come into the office and I need to verify their documents?

With IDyou, you can verify your customer’s identity in any location and from any device that has an internet connection.

If you are unable to arrange to meet in-person with your customer, you can use the remote option to conduct verification over a video call. Click here for more details on Remote VOI.
How do I verify more than one customer to a loan (say a couple) via Remote using one email address?
Each person that is being verified must have their own unique (separate) email address.
How do go back into IDyou and change the lender name for the VOI report?
Log into the IDyou web-app, select the customer whose report you want to access, select Prepare Report For Lender then select the lender from the drop-down list.
What if I am unable to progress at ID Stage because the customer does not have a Passport, Driver Licence/Birth certificate/Citizenship certificate?
You cannot proceed. The whole point of VOI is to meet the verification rules built-into IDyou. You will need to adjourn the VOI session until the person being verified obtains sufficient ID to meet the Digital VOI ID requirements.
What happens if the customer being verified is unable to complete all steps or IDyou won’t let them progress to complete their section?
It means the customer has not taken a photo of themselves – refer to Remote User Guide.
How do I sign declarations in IDyou?

IDyou has a large signing panel to sign your name as part of the verification process.

Stylus pens are the preferred way to sign, but you can also use your computer mouse or finger depending on the device you are using.
How do I delete or re-take a photo?

Photos that are taken with IDyou are not stored on your device and cannot be accessed in your photo gallery.

During the process, you have the option to re-take or use that photo.
Where do the photos go – I can see they haven’t been stored on my device’s photo gallery?

All photos taken with IDyou are saved and encrypted within the web-app until verified.

All the pictures are deleted once verified.
How do I know if my photo is good enough quality to be acceptable?

Each photo provides a preview to allow you to check the quality each time.

If it is not clear, simply retake the image.
What if I can’t finish a verification, can I access it at a later time?
Yes, all incomplete orders are saved within IDyou for access at a later time.
What do I do if my screen or the customer's screen appears blank/black during Video Call within the IDyou app?
You need to move to a stronger 4G mobile signal location or a stronger Wi-Fi signal.


Is IDyou legal?
Yes, IDyou has followed the rules and guidelines set by ARNECC about identifying customers.
Does the data live on your servers in your office?
No, we have set up IDyou on systems separate to MSA National to ensure the security of customer information.
How do you ensure the security of my submitted documents?

How do you ensure the security of my submitted documents? MSA complies with the ISO27001 Certification for storing data.

Documents that are entered into IDyou are transmitted and stored securely in a write-only, ISO27001 certified private cloud provided database.

This database is only accessible for reading access via a private VPC, to a few highly privileged administrators.

All Data At Rest is secured using the industry-certified AES256 encryption, and all Data In Transit is secured end-to-end, using the industry-certified TLSv1, TLSv1.1, and TLSv1.2 standards, and offers the highest level of protection possible.

All documents ordered as part of the report are encrypted on the server using AES256. All transport between the app and servers is secured using SSL.
What happens if I lose my phone?

All information on IDyou is encrypted, meaning your customer’s information is safe at all times.

When you log onto IDyou on your new device, you will instantly gain access to your VOI library.


How do I access a previously completed VOI report?

If you still have the email with the link that customer’s VOI report, open the email, click on the download report link and enter the security code.

Note, the security code expires after 72 hours. If it has been more than 72 hours since the VOI was conducted, select Reset Report Links to generate a new security code.
How do I get my VOI report once identification has been verified?

When you submit a verification, you’ll receive a security code that will allow you to access the VOI report through a secure email link.

The link will expire after 72 hours for security reasoning.

To reset an expired link, select the completed report in the verified menu and select Reset Report Link.
Can I print the VOI report?
Can the VOI report be saved to my computer?
Yes, the report is provided in a secured PDF format and can be saved locally.
Once I verify my customer’s identity through IDyou, can I still see their documents within my account?

No; once you verify your customer’s identity all pictures are removed from your IDyou account.

You will be able to see a list of verified reports that summarises the order, including the customer’s name, who did the verification, the order ID and the documents that were supplied.

There is also a code you can use to access the PDF of the report for a limited time.
How long are the reports stored for? How long are they valid for?
The access code expires after 72 hours.
How can I access a VOI report once the code has expired?
Once your access code has expired, you can call IDyou’s HelpDesk on 1300 787 534 to receive a new security code.