Privacy Policy

MSA National complies with the Privacy Legislation in respect of personal information and will not use or disclose any personal information received from the User or its clients except as is necessary for the purposes of providing the Services or related purposes such as invoicing, providing customer support, training, record maintenance or statistical purposes or as otherwise required by law. While MSA National takes reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorised access to or use of personal information and confidential information, the use of electronic communications and electronic data storage system means that there remains a possibility that such information may be accessed by unauthorised persons.
MSA National collects personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy, available on the website and updated from time to time. By using the Services, the User acknowledges that it has read, understood and agrees to MSA National’s Privacy Policy.
The User warrants that it has all authorities and consents to necessary to disclose any personal information it supplies to MSA National.
The User undertakes that when it collects, uses, discloses, transfers or otherwise handles personal information in relation to the Services that it will comply at all times with applicable Privacy Laws and not do anything with the handled Personal Information that will cause MSA National to breach its obligations under Privacy Laws.
The User agrees:
that it will not use the Licensed Material or the Services with the intention of encroaching on the privacy of an individual;
that the User will comply with the requirements of the Privacy Legislation, particularly in relation to its handling of personal information, as defined in the same, including the collection, use, disclosure and security of such information, whether or not the User is required by Law to comply with the Privacy Legislation;
it will comply with any other reasonable direction relating to privacy given by MSA National or any government departments and agencies, including those relating to MSA National’s and such government departments and agencies own privacy policies and procedures; and
it will not do anything which if done by the government departments and agencies or MSA National would be a breach of the Privacy Legislation.
MSA National (including its officers, employees, contractors, service providers, agents and delegates) will not be responsible for any actions, claims, cost, proceedings, suits or demands whatsoever arising out of any breach of the Privacy Legislation by a User or third person, in relation to any Services they obtain.
The User must provide any assistance requested by MSA National and/or in relation to an investigation of an allegation of misuse of any Licensed Material or Services, or contravention of the Privacy Legislation.
The User agrees that it will not sell or use the Licensed Material for Direct Marketing of goods or Services.
The User must not sell or release the Licensed Data to any third party where that party intends to use those Licensed Data for the purpose of Direct Marketing of goods or Services.